Massage and Yoga By The Sea

Blue Moon Yoga & Spa is a unique, oceanfront wellness center on the Big Island of Hawaii. Yoga classes and workshops are taught outside which has the benefits of communing with nature. Our day spa is located in the historic district of Kailua Kona, Hawaii on Ali’i Drive. There are many tours, shopping centers, and activities in the heart of this part of town. We are beside the Hulihee Palace and the oldest church on the island – Moku’aikaua Church. We have a boutique and check in located at suite 74 on the first floor of the kona inn shopping village. The village is 107 years old and has always been a place for small businesses, activities, restaurants, and an outdoor plaza where everyone can enjoy the view. Experience a healing massage as you hear the waves, it is naturally healing to our minds and creates a relaxing experience like no other in Kona. Why choose an indoor massage when you can get a massage outside in tropical Hawaii? Choose an oceanfront massage for your first time and you will be beyond impressed by the view and service that will be provided. Why use Spotify playlists filled with ocean sounds when you can listen to the real thing? Listening to the ocean changes the brain waves to a calmer state, creating a space for rest and healing within. The view consists of sail boats, sunsets, and surfers that coast the big waves year round. During winter season the waves become very large and crash loudly and wildly onto the edge of the shopping plaza. You can feel, taste, and smell the energy of the ocean,  From the oceanside you can look into the water and see rocks along the coast teeming with life like crabs and tropical fish from around the islands. The weather is always perfect and you can really taste the salt from the sea breeze that blows in from all angles. The area is also in a really quiet and peaceful shopping center that allows you to hear the ocean during your massage. You will really feel like you are sitting beach side in a cabana drinking a piña colada during your massage.  Moreover, the greatest benefit to getting an ocean side massage is the relief after the fact, you will feel great for days mentally and physically. You may even fall asleep to the waves as people often do when receiving a massage that transports you into a watery realm. You will feel so peaceful as if you just got kissed by the sun and a salty breeze. The massage upstairs room has two large murals on the walls, and is filled with relaxing and calming tones that reflect the outdoor scenery. We are walking distance from Royal Kona Resort, Holiday Inn, Kona Beach Hotel, hostel, and airbnb rentals. From neighboring hospitality services we are very easy to reach. 


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